Why do we like traveling so much?
Why do we love taking photos so much??
If you sit and think intot it,
you might come up with new ideas for your wedding photos.
La-vie Photography will take couples to a place filled with
an unforgettable and memorable experience.


Article on "5 continents project"

story 1
Shota & Azusa

“To the unknown world beyond your imagination.
A five member journey that
changed the values ​​of wedding photography...”

KenyaMaasai Mara National ReserveTanzaniaZanzibar

Date of Shooting
2019.9.11 – 18

Photographer=TSUBAI / Hair&make=HITOMI

story 2
Jinya & Minami

“Extraordinary experiences
will bond the couple stronger than ever.
Travel the endlessly beautiful lands and oceans and
discover the world's best wedding photos.”


Date of Shooting
2019.9.20 – 22

Photographer=GUPPY / Hair&make=MIZO

story 3
Takuya & Saho

“The beautiful blue world and the white cityscape,
A trip around the fantastic island of Greece.”


Date of Shooting
2019.9.17 – 23

Photographer=MuRo / Hair&make=MIU

story 4
Masahiro & Miho

“Enjoy Cambodia!
A mystical and meroable wedding journey”

Cambodia AngkorKrong Siem ReapKoh Rong

Date of Shooting
2019.12.10 – 15

Photographer=YUKI / Hair&make=MISA

story 5
Teruyasu & Asako

“The miraculous beauty of the Uyuni salt flats
A life changing wedding journey”

Bolivia La PazUyuni Salt FlatsLima

Date of Shooting
2020.02.04 – 10

Photographer=KEN / Hair&make=AI

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