story 3
Takuya & Saho

“The beautiful blue world and the white cityscape,
A trip around the fantastic island of Greece.”


How was your trip?

What an unbelievable and great experience!! It was filled with happiness. Greece has a beautiful cityscape and great people, it was truly an amazing and comfortable trip for us. At the airport, I was so sad parting ways with the team, and the locals who found me crying tried to cheer me up! :)

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  • Photographer
    Starting from New York and after moving to Okinawa, he took a wide range of photographs, both in Japan and at overseas. Currently based in Florence, he challenges for a new value for wedding photography.
  • Hair&make
    After working as a bridal hair & makeup artist, she gained experience as an instructor and artist at a makeup school in Japan, and now works as a freelance artist in Paris.
  • Videographer
    He experienced various occupation before becoming a videographer. Based in Sweden, he plans to work throughout Europe. He is active in footwork and will go wherever he is needed.
  • Photographer
    She started her career as an assistant at a photo studio, and joined La-vie photography in 2010 to learn more about the world of photography. Mainly in the Kansai area, she is engaged in a wide range of activities from wedding photography to family photography.
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