story 4
Masahiro & Miho

“Enjoy Cambodia!
A mystical and meroable wedding journey”

Cambodia AngkorKrong Siem ReapKoh Rong

How was your trip?

It was a great trip, we danced at the night market, visited world heritage sites and resorts, and even had a family wedding at the beach. It's the first time since my childhood that I cried because I didn't want to go home! If you have the chance to experience it, I'm sure you will too.

scene #1
Siem Reap

scene #2
Angkor ruins

scene #3
Around Siem Reap

scene #4

scene #5
Rong Island


  • Photographer
    Bringing "imagination" to "reality". I will fully respect the characteristic of the couple, and create a world only possible by the team.
  • Hair&make
    The moment when you shine and remember the best in your life. I am so grateful to be involved in such an important moment. I want to cherish every moment and make the best possible time together. I would like to be an understanding hair & make-up artist and share many thoughts together.
  • Videographer
    I love to capture a photo that you can look back and laugh from the bottom of your heart. Not only the couple, but I will try and capture every possible factor that is creating the atmosphere. Welcome to a photo shoot filled with laughter and smiles!
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