story 2
Jinya & Minami

“Extraordinary experiences
will bond the couple stronger than ever.
Travel the endlessly beautiful lands and oceans and
discover the world's best wedding photos.”


How was your trip?

This trip was not possible is it were only the two of us. There were many things that were possible because of the team. Both "Photo" and "Video" are a form that will last for a lifetime, and we were able to capture them tens and hundreds of times better than we have imagined.

scene #1
Day 1 - Sep. 20

scene #2
Day 2 - Sep. 21

scene #3
Day 3 - Sep. 22


  • Photographer
    A popular photographer at La-vie Photography based in Nagoya. He is known for his friendly character, and has many experiences shooting wedding photos at overseas locations.
  • Hair&make
    CEO of "nico...", a hair salon in Tokyo. He is known to be the pioneer of the "soft & fluffy" hair style. In addition to doing hair shows and lecturer activities at Japan and abroad, he is also active in bridal, media, business papers and fashion magazines.
  • Videographer
    The next generation video creator at La-vie Photography. Not only does he shoot videos in the Kansai region where he is based, but also nation wide. The concept behind his work is to "make a moment become a lifetime".
  • Photographer
    After working as a music buyer, he became a photographer in 2013. He approaches photography with vairous rythym and tone, and he is popular for photographs that shows a lot of emotion.
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