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Shota & Azusa

“To the unknown world beyond your imagination.
A five member journey that
changed the values ​​of wedding photography...”

KenyaMaasai Mara National Reserve

How was your trip?

We searched for wildlife animals on a jeep and had breakfast in the wild savanna. Seeing the finished photos was almost like watching a movie, capturing every moment of this most enjoyable trip. Because it' was a trip of 5 people, it became a very precious memorable experience for us.

scene #1

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Masai Mara Safari

scene #3
Zanzibar Island

scene #4
Fly Home


  • Photographer
    One of the top photographers of La-vie Photography. Based in Osaka, but often travels around the country and around the world to capture wedding photos in his unique style.
  • Hair&make
    After working as an exclusive hair & make-up artist at a wedding venue in Hawaii, she works as a freelance arstist in Japan to pursue various experiences.
  • Videographer
    A popular photographer at La-vie Photography who has lived in Hawaii for more than 15 years. His recent works also include videography.
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