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Teruyasu & Asako

“The miraculous beauty of the Uyuni salt flats
A life changing wedding journey”

BoliviaLa Paz
Uyuni Salt Flats

How was your trip?

It's hard to imagine from the photos, but Bolivia was a mystical world more than we have expected. You will be impressed by the fantastic view of two rising suns, as well as the glittering starry sky. There were some times when we suffered from altitude sickness, but it was so much worth it. Overall, it was a very happy trip.

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La Paz

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    A popular photographer at La-vie Photography who has lived in Hawaii for more than 15 years. His recent works also include videography.
  • Hair&make
    Ai works as a hair & make-up staff in Hawaii. She has worked at a hair salon in Japan for 5 years before moving to Hawaii. This is her fifth year abroad, and she specializes in dewy skin make-up and soft & fluffy hairstyle. The smiles of her customers are what makes her most happy.
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    Videographer who works at La-vie Photography. He is mainly based in Osaka, but will travel anywhere including oversea countries. He values harmonizing video and music in his works.
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