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Summer is the best season to experience the natural beauty of Hokkaido.
After the cold winter, the land will be covered in bright green, bringing back the spectacular and vibrant sceneries up until the distant mountains. The most famous location is in the flower fields of Furano. The vast lavender fields are without a doubt the most famous attraction, but there are plenty of other beautiful places such as Torinuma Park, towering forests, and crystal clear ponds.

After the rainy season, the summer island of Okinawa is ready to welcome tourists with the most clear sea and sky of the year.
During the day, the sunlight will become brighter than ever, coloring the sea in different gradient of vivid blue. If you go near the beach, the sound of gentle waves will help turn the place into a relaxing location. A more fascinating scene can be found as the sun sets into the horizon, bringing a dramatic golden sunset before your eyes. Don't leave yet, because a romantic star show at night can not be missed!

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Speaking of summer in Hokkaido, ther lavender fields during July must not be missed. There are many popular summer attractions in the vast land of Hokkaido, but the most famous among them is the lavender field in Furano. Surrounded by numerous blocks of romantic purple, there are various flower fields in Furano during June 〜 September, all colorful and lively. You must not miss it if you like nature scenery.


Furano's flower fields are limited to the summer season, so plan ahead in order not to miss this oppurtunity! The flower fields are spectacular, as if in a dreamy world of pure purple. Furano is a flower paradise, and a must see location during summer!

In case of hosting a wedding in Otaru, please remember to specify a "guest leader". Since the couple will be very busy on the wedding day, keeping in touch with all of your guests will probably become difficult. As long as you keep in touch with your "guest leader", he/she should help you organize all your guests.

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Located in southernmost of Japan, Okinawa is famous for its surrounding beautiful ocean. Like a resort island, the weather in Okinawa is warm throughout the year. The summer season from July to September is very popular among tourists from Japan and neighboring Asian countries. Not only the beautiful nature, you can also enjoy the unique culture and history of Ryukyu. In addition, Okinawa's outlying islands each have different characteristics. Miyako Island-said to have the most beautiful sea, Ishigaki Island-the green island with the richest natural landscapes, and Taketomi Island-Okinawa's rich cultural characteristics. The beauty of diverse landscapes in Okinawa will definitely leave you unforgettable memories.


I like being able to see the beautiful scnery in Okinawa. When I go home from work every day, I look up and always see the twinkling stars, and all worries will be swept away. I recommend the southern Chinen Cape Park to everyone! In addition to the panoramic view of the gradual blue sea, you can also visit the famous nearby holy place "Sefa-Utaki" to enjoy the great nature. Many lovely cafes by the beach are waitng for your visit!

Okinawa is summer all year long and the sea is so blue! Especially in July through September, the sea is the bluest and most beautiful! My first time in Okinawa happened to be in the end of August, and I remember looking down from a bridge seeing the ocean in Tiffany blue color, the beautiful scenery was unforgettable! Prepare your luggage to enjoy the sunshine, seascape, and sky of Okinawa. In Okinawa's elegant church, the exquisite and beautiful small garden will add a holiday memories to your wedding!

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Where do you want to spend your summer in Japan? Either Hokkaido or Okinawa, we will help you create a memorable holiday just for the two of you.

夏季北海道和夏季沖繩 你更喜歡哪裡呢?

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