New generation that does not need wedding gown.
A new creation of wedding photo.

Do pre-wedding photos have to be taken in wedding dress?
We believe that wedding photos can be taken as long as there are two newlyweds.
Although it has not become mainstream yet, the concept of casual pre-wedding photo is developing. This is why we created FAVO.

FAVO Short form of Favorite.
The natural moments with your lover recorded
at the special place exclusively for the two newlyweds.

Photography Examples


FAVOCasual wear shooting plan

Service hour:3 hours/ 200~ up digital photo data
¥180.000JPY + 10%tax

※1 photographer (including standard class photographer nomination fee), 1 interpreter (Chinese or English)
*Clothing rental is not provided in this plan. It is only for customers who bring their own daily casual wear.
*This plan mainly targets for photo shooting of couples. If there are kids or relatives participating in the photo shooting, there will be additional charge depending on the situation.
*The shooting location is basically in the city where the branch is located. There will be additional charge if the location is far away.


Q. Since we prepare our clothes, can we bring wedding dress or tuxedo?
A. We are so sorry that as shown in our STORY gallery, the plan is only for daily casual wear, which is easy to move around. There is more freedom for shooting and at the same time there is no need for location application (There is strict regulation for wedding photo shooting at the location in Japan)
Q. Is it possible if I would like to shoot at various locations?
A. This is 3-hour shooting plan which we move to different locations during the service hour. However, it is not recommended to choose locations that are too far away. We can discuss the shooting route and make an itinerary in advance.
Q. What if it rains?
A. Shooting continues even on rainy days. Since it is casual wear photo shoot, it is easy to move around. We can also shoot photo with umbrella or raincoat etc. This makes shooting more special and freer.
Q. Can photo shoot be arranged in the city without branch?
A. Yes. But travel expenses will be charged.

Anywhere you want to go

Pre-wedding photo shooting plan

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