We perform weddings at 20 exclusive churches located in 16 cities across Japan, offering an annual wedding performance of 100,000 couples. Some of the churches also have banquet halls and chef teams for an additonal wedding party. Our Chinese and English speaking staff will create a one-stop overseas wedding service for you.


  • Wedding ceremony fee

    Wedding ceremony fee((Civil wedding))

  • Wedding planner(in Mandrin Chinese or English)

    Wedding planner(in Mandrin Chinese or English)

  • Marriage certificate

    Marriage certificate

  • Wedding dress Tuxedo

    Wedding dress

  • Accessories(gloves, veil, shoes, tuxedo shirt)

    Accessories(gloves, veil, shoes, tuxedo shirt)

  • Dressing

    Hairstyles & Makeup

  • Fresh flower bouquet boutonniere

    Fresh flower bouquet

  • Chapel decoration

    Chapel decoration

  • Sound design & Lighting design

    Sound design & Lighting design

  • Snap photo(about 150 images)

    Snap photo(about 150 images)

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A private garden wedding is available inside the venue. Full of nature and sunlight, you can feel the breeze in this relaxing garden. After the ceremony, move inside to enjoy French cuisine made with seasonal ingredients at a sea-viewing restaurant.

Garden wedding

Japanese wedding

A Japanese wedding inherits a beautiful tradition. The bride will be dressed into a traditional and formal wedding kimono. The wedding will take place at a holy shrine, and one of the popular choice is the Toyokuni Shrine located in Kyoto.

Shinto wedding

Please feel free contacting us for further more information.
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Leading brand in Japanese weddings

Petit Wedding and La-vie Photography belongs to the same group company. Petit Wedding specialize in wedding ceremonies for small number of guests and was awarded the “Best Hospitality Company Selection” by the Japanese ministry of economy. La-vie Photography celebrates its 25th year for being the leading wedding photography company. Since 1995, La-vie Photography has kept creating new photo values in Japan and in the world.

One-stop wedding venue located across Japan

Petit Wedding owns 24 church and chapel located in 16 prefectures across Japan and is independently operated and managed by our company. Our wedding venues are mostly located in the heart of the city for fast and convenient transportation. All venues include dress salons, guest salons, dressing rooms and guest lounges. Some churches also provide restaurants and banquet halls with their own professional chef team.

Wedding dress features

We also have an independent dress salon, providing full set outfits for brides and grooms. To pursue the highest quality material, wedding dresses and tuxedos are carefully selected from leading fashion brands in Japan and from European countries. Exquisite workmanship in design details are found in these outfits, providing suitable choices for Asian brides and grooms.

Japanese make-up artists

On the day of the wedding, a professional Japanese make-up artist who understands the leading bridal make-up trend will be at your service. In order to bring out the natural beauty of the bride, the finished make-up is not only beautiful, but preserves the bride’s originality. Whether a wedding ceremony or a pre-wedding photo shoot, the most touching aspect of the bride will be bloomed.

Chinese / English speaking wedding planner

We have a team specifically for overseas clients who are keen into Japanese weddings and wedding photo shoots. Choose from either Chinese or English-speaking staff who will guide you through application, suggestions, wedding details, and follow-ups. A communication bridge between the client and the team will make every effort in planning an overseas wedding smooth and easy.

Weddings specially
made for you

Whether it is a traditional Japanese wedding at a shrine, a western style wedding at a church, an outdoor garden wedding, or a wedding party at a banquet, we will utilize all of our facilities to provide full range of authentic Japanese services. We ensure to work with different needs and preferences of overseas clients to create an unforgettable wedding experience, specially made for you.


  • dress01 Lilly
  • dress02 sunrise
  • dress03 senset
  • dress04 cl54702
  • dress05 Plumeria
  • dress06 Freesia
  • dress07 Benedetta
  • dress08 Chiristina Rose 1123


  • Flow 01

    Get in touch

    Please contact us through direct shops or email ( for inquiries. It is recommended to book at least 2 months in advance, and avoid weekends and Japanese holidays.

  • Flow 02

    Book a date

    After hearing the details, please choose a wedding date as well as the plan and other additional services.(25% deposit is required to officially book a date).

  • Flow 03


    Please confirm all details of the wedding by email before arriving in Japan, and reserve your favorite wedding outfits in advance.

  • Flow 04


    Please visit our salon the day prior to the wedding for a fitting service, along with a quick meeting to check and confirm the wedding schedule.

  • Flow 05

    Wedding rehearsal

    A rehearsal will take place before the ceremony.

  • Flow 06

    The big day

    Our staff will help you throughout the day to provide you an unforgettable wedding.


Please feel free contacting us for further more information.
Our staff will respond to you as soon as possible.


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