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Authentic Wedding and Photos in Kyoto

Kyoto is the largest city in Japan made of historical architectures. The unique atmosphere created by the long history and the distinct four seasons attracts many people from around the world. We offer the traditional Japanese style wedding ceremony in this beautiful city, also great for outdoor photos.

PLAN DETAILSSpecial plan in Kyoto


  • Wedding ceremony fee

    Wedding ceremony fee(Civil wedding)

  • Wedding planner(in Mandrin Chinese or English)

    Wedding planner(in Mandrin Chinese or English)

  • Marriage certificate

    Marriage certificate

  • Kimono

    Kimono(for bride)

  • Kimono

    Kimono(for groom)

  • Accessories


  • Dressing


  • Hairstyles & Makeup

    Hairstyles & Makeup

  • Artificial flowers

    Artificial flowers

  • Sound design & Lighting design

    Sound design
    Lighting design

  • Snap photo

    Snap photo(about 150 images)

  • photo

    Location photo(about 50 images)

*For more information about the package and price, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Optional Photo LocationRecommended location in Kyoto

* Please feel free to ask for other recommended locations.


Please feel free contacting us for further more information.
Our staff will respond to you as soon as possible.

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FeaturesReasons why we are chosen

Proffesional Photographer

There are no manuals that exist in La-vie Photography, making each photographer unique and characteristic. From over 400 photographers who work in our team, you should be able to find the perfect photographer that would match your expectations.

Variety of Outfits

All of our kimonos, wedding dresses, and tuxedos are selected by the members of our outfit team. The outfits includes from “Made in Japan” quality dresses to authentic European Brands. The varieties of wedding dresses are promised to enhance the beauty and elegance of the bride’s figure.

Professional Makeup Artist

A make-up artist specialized in weddings will be in charge of your make-up and hairdo for your important day. Feel free to order for a specific style, or ask for preferences. The artist will take responsibility and come along with you throughout the photo shoot for any needed adjustments or re-touch.

English / Chinese Fluent Interpreter

In order to guide you through all of this work smoothly and without stress, an English or Chinese interpreter will be assigned for you.

Choose your destination

We have shops in all major cities of Japan, leaving you 15 areas to choose from to take your wedding photos. We also have offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Please feel free to visit us if you are nearby! Contact us via E-mail for further informations.

KimonoRecommended Kimono

ScheduleOne day schedule

  • 01|Preparation

    We will start the preparation at Petit Wedding Kyoto-Gion Chapel.

  • 02|Location Photo Shooting

    Enjoy your time during the outdoor photo shoot in the neighborhood of Gion.

  • 03|Wedding rehearsal

    A rehearsal will take place before the ceremony.

  • 04|Wedding ceremony

    The wedding ceremony will be held at our Kyoto Gion chapel.

  • 05|Location Photo Shooting(with add. fee)

    If you would like to enjoy more time in your wedding outfits, we will arrange an extra photo shoot at a location in Kyoto for you!


We also offer ceremonies at shrines in the style of traditional Japanese weddings. Japanese ceremonies are very solemn and quiet compared to the western style weddings that take place in churches and chapels, but it will be a perfect opportunity to experience the true Japanese style. Toyokuni Shrine and Go-ou Shrine are the two famous Shrines in Kyoto where wedding ceremonies will take place.* Additional fee may apply according to the Shrine.

  • Toyokuni Shrine
    Toyokuni Shrine
  • Goou Shrine
    Goou Shrine

AccessHow to get to Kyoto-Gion Chapel

〒605-0087 京都府京都市東山区元吉町60


Please feel free contacting us for further more information.
Our staff will respond to you as soon as possible.

mail CONTACT@Webform

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