Hokkaido, where the scenery is delightful and the wildlife is magnificent, any season of the year.

Hokkaido is one the most popular tourist spots in Japan. Many come to enjoy the beautiful wildlife and the delicious seafoods loved by people around the world. We have a new plan ready that sets its location in Otaru, a city located alongside a canal. There, you will be able to take photos in one of our chapels. Afterwards, you will be able to take some more photos in the romantic city. If you prefer, there are many other popluar photo spots where you will be able to choose from.


The package includes location photo & wedding ceremony


  • Wedding ceremony fee

    Wedding ceremony fee(Civil wedding)

  • Wedding planner(in Mandrin Chinese or English)

    Wedding planner(in Mandrin Chinese or English)

  • Marriage certificate

    Marriage certificate

  • One wedding gown

    One wedding gown

  • One tuxedo

    One tuxedo

  • Accessories, gloves, veil, shoes, tuxedo shirt

    Accessories, gloves, veil, shoes, tuxedo shirt

  • Hairstyles & Makeup

    Hairstyles & Makeup

  • Fresh flower bouquet, boutonniere

    Fresh flower bouquet, boutonniere

  • Chapel decoration

    Chapel decoration(flowers)

  • Sound design Lighting design

    Sound design
    Lighting design

  • Snap photo shooting(about 200 images)

    Snap photo shooting(about 150 images)

  • Location photo shooting(about 100 images)

    Location photo shooting(about 100 images)

*For more information about the package and price, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Petit Wedding Otaru Chapel

Petit Wedding Otaru Chapel

The chapel is located along the historic Otaru canal. The brick made chapel is not only spacious, but also made to match the retro atmosphere of Otaru. Have your wedding vows made surrounded by the soft, warm lights of this beautiful chapel.

BIBI Beach

Otaru Canal

Otaru is a city faced on the Ishikari bay, which attarcts many tourists from around the world. You will be able to enjoy many sceneries avaiable for photo shoots such as the romantic canal, shrines, and historic houses around the city.


Recommended locations *That costs extra

*Inquiries on matters other than the above are also welcome. Please feel free to contact us.


Why La-vie?

Japanese Proffesional Photographer

Japanese Proffesional Photographer

To capture your memories with precision, a professional photographer is a necessity. La-vie Factory works with hundreds of photographers from around the world. Our skillful and sensitive photographers open their hearts to capture the moment's emotions. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and is guaranteed.

Variety Dresses

Variety Dresses

Our wedding gowns and tuxedoes are made with the highest quality fabrics. The intricate weave in premium fabrics have been created by skilled professionals with attention to ductility and weight. These fabrics enhance the beauty and elegance of the bride's firgure.

Professional Makeup Artist

Professional Makeup Artist *attend till end of the day

Bridal hair makeup which is a bit different from usual makeup. A bridal specialist makeup artist will be in charge of your important day. Our professional makeup artist will provide the bride with a more unique and fascinating look.

English / Chinese Fluent Interpreter

English / Chinese Fluent Interpreter

Since you will be accompanied by an interpreter who speaks English or Chinese from the stage of pre-meeting through photo shooting, so you will not feel uncomfortable about communication. We will make sure you both fully understand all commands and requests.

More than 15 branches in Japan

More than 15 branches in Japan

There is a shop located in Shanghai and also a office in Hong kong, so please feel free to visit us if you are nearby . Otherwise, please contact our overseas department via mail.


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One day schedule

  • Preparation

    On the wedding day, preparation will be done at the Petit Wedding Otaru Shop.

  • Wedding rehearsal

    After the prepartion, rehersal for the wedding will take place.

    Wedding rehearsal
  • Wedding ceremony

    The ceremony will take place at the chapel in Otaru. Have your wedding vows made in this beautiful retro building, surrounded by the soft, warm lights.

    Wedding ceremony
  • Location Photo Shooting

    After the ceremony, photo shoots will be held around the canal, one of the best and romantic photo spots in Hokkaido.

    Location Photo Shooting


How about a photo album?


Handmade Album

The album that
you can feel the material

Our album designer will paste your printed photos one by one carefully in order to make the unique handmade album. This heartful manually work brings the indispensable attractiveness of our album. Mounting the photograph, coating with laminate, we are delighted to present you our amazing album.


How to get to Otaru Chapel

Petit Wedding Otaru Chapel

Address: 5-4 Minato-cho, Otaru, Hokkaido JAPAN /
OPEN: 10:00 - 19:00


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