Not only famous in Asia, Okinawa is also the hottest new resort in the world. In Okinawa, you can enjoy both wedding ceremony at a church, and photo shoots in the beautiful emerald green sea. Have your romantic wedding ceremony in the popular church “Sea Shell Blue” located inside the Southern Beach Hotel & Resort, or “ILE DE RÉ” a villa style restaurant with panoramic views of the sea. In the wedding package of La-vie Photography, every detail will be provided for you, such as wedding gown, make-up, and interpreter. Please enjoy the best day of your life in this true wonderland of Okinawa.

The Special Day


The package includes location photo & wedding ceremony


  • Wedding ceremony fee

    Wedding ceremony fee(Civil wedding)

  • Wedding planner(in Mandrin Chinese or English)

    Wedding planner(in Mandrin Chinese or English)

  • Marriage certificate

    Marriage certificate

  • Wedding dress

    Wedding dress

  • Tuxedo


  • Accessories, gloves, veil, shoes, tuxedo shirt

    Accessories, gloves, veil, shoes, tuxedo shirt

  • Hairstyles & Makeup

    Hairstyles & Makeup

  • Fresh flower bouquet, boutonniere

    Fresh flower bouquet, boutonniere

  • Chapel decoration

    Chapel decoration(flowers)

  • Sound design Lighting design

    Sound design
    Lighting design

  • Snap photo shooting(about 200 images)

    Snap photo shooting(about 200 images)

  • Beach photo shooting(about 100 images)

    Beach photo shooting(about 100 images)

* Please choose one of the two chapels, the beach photo shooting will be done at the nearest beach from the chapel you have chosen.
*The price and availability may change depending on the season. Please contact us for more information regarding our package and price.

Sea Shell Blue

Sea Shell Blue

"Sea Shell Blue" located inside the Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa, is a wedding ceremony hall located next to a beautiful beach. You can easily view the beautiful sky and sea of Okinawa through this glass-made chapel. Enjoy the bright sunlight and the warm atmosphere of this romantic wedding hall, as well as the endless view of the breathtaking scenery.



"ILE DE RÉ" is located in Onna village, famous for the sapphire-blue beach. Also, it is the first house-wedding style venue in Okinawa. The restaurant inside serves delicious French style course dishes. The famous Hiroyuki Sakai, a world-famous chef of French gourmet, supervises all of the dishes. The villa stands on top of a small hill, and provides a panoramic view of the sea. Enjoy a private and elegant time in this modern architecture filled with beautiful scenery.



Both of the chapels provide a glass-made wall, which enables you to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery that spreads across Okinawa. Here, you will be able to capture a view that can only be seen in this tropical wonderland. After the ceremony, enjoy your time by actually going down to the beach, and have your everlasting wedding photos taken!


Why La-vie?

Japanese Professional Photographers

Japanese Professional Photographers

To capture your memories with precision, a professional photographer is a necessity. La-vie Factory works with hundreds of photographers from around the world. Our skillful and sensitive photographers open their hearts to capture the moment's emotions. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and is guaranteed.

High-quality wedding dress

High-quality wedding dress

Our wedding gowns and tuxedoes are made with the highest quality fabrics. The intricate weave in premium fabrics have been created by skilled professionals with attention to ductility and weight. These fabrics enhance the beauty and elegance of the bride's firgure.

High-quality wedding dress
Makeup artist will attend till end of the day

Makeup artist will attend till end of the day

Makeup artist will follow you whole day and take care how you look during photo shooting. Not only will she take care of your makeup, but also carrying your dress and she will carry dresses and make sure you enjoy photo shooting too.

English / Chinese Fluent Interpreter

English / Chinese Fluent Interpreter

Since you will be accompanied by an interpreter who speaks English or Chinese from the stage of pre-meeting through photo shooting, so you will not feel uncomfortable about communication. We will make sure you both fully understand all commands and requests.

English / Chinese Fluent Interpreter

Shops all over Japan

Our shops are located in 15 major cities around Japan. Either wedding ceremony or a pre-wedding photo shoot, we will be able to service you in any season of the year. Please feel free contacting us for further more information.


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One day schedule

One day schedule

  • Preparation

    We will start the preparation at the salon of Southern Beach Hotel & Resort, or ILE DE RÉ.

  • Wedding rehearsal

    After make-up is finished and the bride & groom have been dressed, we start a rehearsal for the ceremony.

    Wedding rehearsal
  • Wedding ceremony

    The officiant will begin the ceremony. The glass-made walls will make it seem as though you are in the middle of the beautiful beach and the blue sky.

    Wedding ceremony
  • Location Photo Shooting

    After the wedding ceremony, it is time for you to enjoy a photo shoot at the beach nearby. Have a great time in one of the best beaches of Japan!

    Location Photo Shooting


How about a photo album?


Handmade Album

The album that
you can feel the material

Our album designer will paste your printed photos one by one carefully in order to make the unique handmade album. This heartful manually work brings the indispensable attractiveness of our album. Mounting the photograph, coating with laminate, we are delighted to present you our amazing album.


How to get to La-vie Hokkaido

Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Bridal Salon

Southern Beach Hotel & Resort 3F 1-6-1 Nishizaki-cho Itoman-shi Okinawa JAPAN
OPEN: 11:00 - 20:00


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