Happiness can be achieved in less than a second.

Your happiest moments are captured for a lifetime of enjoyment.
Whether smiles of sheer happiness, or bittersweet tears, La-vie Factory captures all your precious moments with heartfelt expertise.
La-vie Factory remains the worldwide leader in wedding photography.

About La-vie Factory

Hundreds of photographers are available in Japan and overseas to preserve your memories.

To capture your memories with precision, a professional photographer is a necessity. La-vie Factory works with hundreds of photographers from around the world.
Our skillful and sensitive photographers open their hearts to capture the moment's emotions. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and is guaranteed.

About Photographer

Our legacy originates in our studios located in Japan and overseas.

・We manage 9 photo studios and associate with 24 wedding photo studios with offices in Japan.
・Our international studios are located in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Bali and Shanghai.


La-vie photographers are trained to continually provide the highest quality of service to our customers.

In order to provide photography service that is current and innovative, all of our photographers are tested several times. Only those that display exquisite taste and contemporary style are hired by La-vie Factory. We plan, design and create products to suit customers’ needs. Our strong partnerships with factories in Shanghai and Taiwan allow us to provide high quality products with prompt service.

Formal Wear

All formal wear is planned and designed in Japan with attention to detail.

Our wedding gowns, wedding kimonos and tuxedos are made with the highest quality fabrics. The intricate weave in premium fabrics have been created by skilled professionals with attention to ductility and weight. These fabrics enhance the beauty and elegance of the bride's form.

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